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City of Cape Canaveral Municipal Operations Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 

In early 2021, the City of Cape Canaveral began the process of developing its first municipal greenhouse gas emissions inventory in order to create a baseline to measure the success of sustainability-based projects and better understand the City’s impacts on the environment. Called the Audubon Florida (AF) + Regional Resilience Collaborative (R2C) Climate Cohort, this initiative was developed via Audubon Florida, the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, and ICLEI. It involved 18 local and county governments, including Cape Canaveral, from the East Central Florida region. An intern from either the Florida Institute of Technology, Stetson University, or the University of Central Florida was assigned to each participating government entity via funding provided by Audubon Florida, making this a zero-cost endeavor for the City.

This internship program ran from February until July 2021, at which point the City accepted a comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions report developed by its designated program intern that focused on the City’s energy usage, wastewater logistics, vehicle fleet, and solid waste stream. The 2019 calendar year was used as a baseline for measurements given that it was the last “normal” full year of operations before the inventory was conducted. Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020 was deemed to be an inaccurate reflection of municipal operations because of low occupancy rates for buildings and facilities, and consistent teleworking protocols. Total carbon dioxide emissions - the inventory’s primary focus - observed via municipal operations were 1,324 metric tons in 2019, which is equivalent to 3,327,474 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle or charging 161,054,864 smartphones.  

Findings will also be used to develop a large-scale greenhouse gas emissions inventory for the East Central Florida area. To learn more about the AF + R2C Climate Cohort program visit To read the City’s entire greenhouse gas emissions inventory, utilize the link below:

Cape Canaveral Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report

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