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What are the park hours in Cape Canaveral?

Is there a charge to get into City of Cape Canaveral parks?

How do I rent a pavilion in one of Cape Canaveral's parks?

Can I have a fire or grill on the beach?

Are alcoholic beverages allowed in public places?

What are the rules about using fertilizer?

Where can I find the SCAT bus Schedule?

How do I get on the City Council Agenda?

Who maintains the dunes and beach crossovers?

How often can I hold a garage sale?

Where can I find information on property liens?

Who do I contact before I start any home renovations?

Who do I contact before I start any tree removal or maintenance?

What rights do I have as a renter?

How do I report a power outage or trees in powerlines?

How do I report a blocked storm drain?

Who do I talk to about trash, recycling and yard waste pick-up?

How do I get a replacement garbage/recycling bin?

What is the Waste Pro holiday schedule?

What is considered hazardous waste and how do I dispose of it?

How do I obtain a marriage license?

What does the City of Cape Canaveral do to control mosquitoes?

What can my family do to help control mosquitoes?

What can I do to prevent exposure to mosquitoes?

Who do I call about stray cats and dogs?

Who do I call to come pick up dead animals?

Are animals allowed in Public Parks or Beaches?

Who do I contact about WILD animal problems?

Why are there Peacocks in Cape Canaveral?

Where can I see peacocks in Cape Canaveral?

Where can I see manatees in Cape Canaveral?

Who do I call for Sewer or Sewage Emergencies?

Vacation Rentals Rules + Complaints

What's the difference: Golf Carts + Low Speed Vehicles

When is reclaimed water available?

How do I report flooding or stormwater drainage issues?

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