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City Government

Welcome to the City Government page. Please use the menus at the left and above to dive into content such as the Cape Canaveral Code of Ordinances, previous City Council meetings, volunteer Advisory Boards, elections, department directory and other important information. Following is a brief overview of Cape Canaveral's municipal governmental structure.
City Incorporation
The City of Cape Canaveral was incorporated in 1963.

Form of Government
City operates under the “Council-Manager ” form of government (see the City Charter Preamble). The City Council has the authority to make and enforce all laws and regulations with respect to municipal affairs, subject only to the limitations of the City Ordinances, City Codes and the State Constitution. See the Charter Sec. 2.01

Elected Officials
A Mayor and four Council Members make up the elected body of the City of Cape Canaveral. The regular municipal elections are held each year on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November in accordance with the procedures of Florida Law. All city elections are non-partisan. Newly elected officials take their oaths of office at the Regular City Council Meeting on the third Tuesday in November.

Appointed Officials
The City Council appoints the City Manager and the City Attorney. All other department heads are appointed by the City Manager. Visit the City Elected Officials directory for contact information. 

Organizational Structure, Mission and Values
The City Cape Canaveral is organized into nine departments that serve the public in carrying out the policies and programs of the City Council, and implementing the City laws and ordinances. Our Mission Statement explains the organization's focus in carrying out its responsibilities. The Organizational Values and Vision Statement guide and inspire our efforts in the day to day operations of the City.

City Employment
Visit the City Employment page for a list of vacancies.
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