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Little Free Library & Pantry Program

The City of Cape Canaveral currently has seven Little Free Library (LFL) locations and three Little Free Pantry (LFP) locations. 

  1. Kairos Community Garden — 200 Long Point Road (LFP)
  2. Polk Avenue beach crossover
  3. Manatee Sanctuary Park (by the bridge) — 701 Thurm Boulevard
  4. Cape View Elementary School — 8440 Rosalind Avenue (LFP)
  5. Peacock Beach Crossover
  6. City Hall Plaza
  7. Wagner Park - 8820 North Atlantic Avenue (LFP)
What is a Little Free Library?

While it may sound like a building filled with tiny books, the Little Free Library is a much bigger concept. Since the installation of the first Little Free Library in 2009, the program has grown into an internationally recognized institution, boasting more than 50,000 free libraries worldwide and receiving accolades from the National Book Foundation, Library of Congress, and the American Library Association.

As a community dedicated to the promotion of culture, learning and inclusivity, the City of Cape Canaveral is happy to join ranks with Little Free Library communities worldwide.

To learn more about the Little Free Library program, visit their official web site.

What is a Little Free Pantry?
A Little Free Pantry is similar to a Little Free Library, but holds non-perishable food items, toiletries or school supplies instead of books. The web site for the Little Free Pantry project sums up the initiative nicely: "The Little Free Pantry is a grassroots, crowdsourced solution to immediate and local need. Whether a need for food or a need to give, the Little Free Pantry facilitates neighbors helping neighbors, building Community."

To learn more about the Little Free Pantry program, visit their official web site.

A Little Effort with a Big Impact
The goal of the Little Free Library program is to offer 24/7 access to books for residents and visitors of all ages and walks of life. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to take a book or leave a book whenever he or she likes. It’s our hope this program will bolster the Cape Canaveral Public Library’s efforts to inspire a love of education, reading and literary arts in our community.

With the Little Free Pantries, we hope to bolster the sense of Community in Cape Canaveral through neighbors looking out for one another.

Each Little Free Library and Little Free Pantry is painted by resident artists in a theme that reflects the history and culture of the city. (Think rockets, peafowl, surfboards and more.) When possible, Little Free Libraries and Little Free Pantries will be built from upcycled materials, in keeping with the City’s vision of becoming more sustainable. We hope to distribute several around the City.

How the Little Free Libraries and Little Free Pantries Work
Using the Little Free Library is a breeze: You simply take a book and return it when you’re done. There are no library cards, due dates, or late fees.

The same goes for Little Free Pantries: If you need an item in the pantry, take it. Likewise, if you feel the need to give to the pantry, please do!

Donating Books: To donate gently used books, residents and visitors may leave them directly in the Little Free Library of their choice or, for larger volume book donations (15+ books), contact the Cultural + Community Affairs Department at to coordinate.

Donating to Pantries: Please leave all Little Free Pantry items in the pantries themselves. All food should be non-perishable and not expired.

Volunteer stewards will regularly monitor Little Free Libraries and Little Free Pantries to check on the physical condition of the structures and to make sure reading materials that aren’t appropriate for the Community’s littlest of readers don’t sneak in.

Click here to access the Little Free Library World Map

Get Involved
If you’re interested in becoming the steward of a Little Free Library or Little Free Pantry, are a business owner or company that would like to partner with the City to build and install a Little Free Library or Little Free Pantry or have ideas about where the next Little Free Libraries and Little Free Pantries could be located, contact Cultural & Community Affairs Director Molly Thomas.

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