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City of Cape Canaveral 2018 Community Survey Report

At the 2018 Cape Canaveral Strategic Planning Retreat, City leadership initiated a Community survey as a way to continue collecting feedback from residents. From March to June 2018, Management Consultant Dr. Tom Freijo and the Community Engagement Department developed the survey with input from the Mayor, City Council members and City manager using knowledge gained from previous City surveys, outreach initiatives and the experiences of City Staff. During development, initial versions of the survey were reviewed by key Staff members and later versions were field tested by select Staff and residents.

The final version of the survey was available to all residents and property owners of Cape Canaveral and contained 69 closed-ended items with the option for respondents to add additional clarifying comments. Estimated completion time for the survey was 27 minutes. The Community engagement consultant created responses to four frequently asked questions addressing the reason for allowing anonymous responses, the length of the survey, how a respondent could pause the survey and how several members of the same household could participate. In an effort to control any sort of multiple survey response exploitation from respondents intending to sway the survey results, the multiple responses option was deactivated.

The survey was live for nine weeks via SurveyMonkey and the City used various means to request resident participation in the Community survey including Nixle, the City Hall LED marquee, publicly placed flyers, a “Hometown News” article, direct mail postcards, a message on resident water bills, the City website, social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Nextdoor), regular features in “The Weekly Update,” City meeting video messaging, through local faith-based organizations and City event outreach. A City Hall-based Community survey station with a laptop and tech support was created to address accessibility, and Staff received one request to participate in person.

Survey responses had three high participation spikes. The first spike occurred when the survey went live (Week 1 — 6/25/18 – 7/1/2018 — 294 responses). The next was seen after the “Hometown News” article was published (Week 2 — 7/2/18 – 7/8/2018 — 122 responses ). The final spike was seen when the direct mail postcards arrived in mailboxes (Week 6 — 7/30/18 – 8/5/18 — 303 responses). Some weeks saw as few as 18 responses, though survey promotion remained constant throughout the nine weeks. In total, 1,151 responses were collected - the greatest number of respondents for any type of survey ever administered in City history!

Once the survey was closed, responses were analyzed using data aggregation tools within SurveyMonkey, and the associated tables, graphs and charts were produced. The results provided in the Cape Canaveral 2018 Community Survey report are the beginning of a larger Staff exploration to translate the desires of the Community into strategic planning that determines short- and long-term goals for Cape Canaveral.

This report presents results in narrative form for each of the following items in the survey:

  • Demographics
  • City Amenities or Opportunities
  • City Environment and Aesthetics
  • Development Trends
  • Community Safety
  • City Services
  • Community Priorities
  • Non-Service Dogs in Public Places
  • Community Progress
  • Information About the City
  • Community Involvement

Note that percentages have been rounded up or down to the nearest whole percent in this report. For raw data, please refer to the tabular results mentioned above.

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