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For decades, the world has known Cape Canaveral as a Launchpad where one giant leap for mankind began and aerospace and technology were born. Space is as intrinsic to who we are as the warm coastal breezes and waterways that surround our small, but mighty, city.

In The Space Between® a unique business community first emerged through aerospace and technology. Today it expands with tech companies, eclectic indie retail and restaurants, outdoor recreation and the second largest cruise port in the country!

Business thrives in The Space Between® High-tech + High Tide®, where small community stands for economic opportunity and you still have a front row seat on launch day.

Whether you come to Cape Canaveral for Sun, Space or Sea we hope you enjoy your time here!

Envision Cape Canaveral — Our Community, Our Future

In 2009 the residents of Cape Canaveral engaged in a community-based, citizen-driven process to create a vision for the City’s future. Over 200 citizens participated in six public workshops that resulted in a Vision Statement and a Visioning Report for Cape Canaveral. The Cape Canaveral Vision Statement envisions a vibrant community that meets the economic, recreational, social and retail needs of its citizens. A Visioning Report was also produced that listed recommendations to implement the Visioning. The recommendations include increased code enforcement, revisions to the comprehensive plan and zoning code to allow for mixed-use development and a town center, and a proactive approach to economic development, among others. The primary goal of the City has been the implementation of the Visioning, its recommendations and its Vision Statement. The City is proud to report the results of its efforts in making the Visioning a reality.

City of Cape Canaveral Vision Statement
We envision:
 A bikeable and walkable Cape Canaveral that retains and enhances its welcoming residential feel and celebrates its unique sense of place. A residential and business-friendly atmosphere that is livable, attractive, safe and inclusive. A sustainable coastal community that embraces the oceanside and riverside as key amenities, and supports and promotes local tourism, culture, recreation, resiliency, commerce, municipal civic interests and education.

We envision: Streetscapes with amenities such as low-impact development, bicycle facilities, covered transit stops and safe pedestrian crossings that encourage access to the beach, river, local neighborhoods and adjacent communities. Improved "complete streets" will allow pedestrians to travel to intimate waterfront destinations and a walkable uptown core with ease and safety. Generous tree lined and well-lighted multi-use paths for bikes and pedestrians so anyone can walk or bicycle safely anywhere in town, day or night.

We envision: A welcoming community entrance that creates a sense of arrival and unique community identity as The Space Between®. The "uptown core" and other areas will contain an architecturally rich and unique mix of uses, with wide tree-shaded sidewalks and umbrella-covered cafe tables at restaurants and bistros where family and friends gather, interact and enjoy refreshments and meals.

We envision: An engaged and compassionate Community that: transforms blighted and unfinished buildings into attractive structures, offers City-wide green spaces, provides exceptional parks with ample shade and supports businesses that enhance economic viability while serving our residents and visitors with goodwill.

We envision: Open shorelines and rivers accessible to the public, including amenities that showcase the coastline while providing art and entertainment venues, which support our historical and cultural identity.

City of Cape Canaveral Organizational Values

  • Commitment to Excellence: We believe our role is to make the City of Cape Canaveral the ideal community for our residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Vision: We look toward the future, generating goals and strategies that make the City of Cape Canaveral an even better place to live.
  • Dedication: We are dedicated to performing our duties to the best of our abilities and going above and beyond to achieve high quality results.
  • Accountability: We have a responsibility to one another and the public to perform our jobs effectively and efficiently, and we take that responsibility seriously.
  • Innovation: We encourage thinking outside the box in search of new and better ways to provide quality services to the Community.
  • Proactivity: We actively seek to identify and plan for issues before they arise, with the aim of averting problems rather than having to solve them after they occur.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: We are responsible stewards of the City’s resources. Through professional management and transparent financial practices, we accrue the highest benefit from each tax dollar.
  • Integrity: We strive to make decisions and take actions based upon what is right rather than what is expedient. We are honest and we own up to our mistakes.
  • Team Work: In recognition of the worth of each individual and their contributions to our mission, we value and honor one another and are committed to working together as one team.
  • Civility: We treat all persons with kindness, dignity and respect.
  • Communication: We communicate openly, clearly, directly and in a timely manner with one another and the Community.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: We believe there is value in diversity and celebrate our uniqueness within the organization, the Community and the world.
  • Fun: While we take our work seriously, we cultivate an environment that includes humor, friendship and camaraderie.
City of Cape Canaveral Mission Statement
The Mission of the City of Cape Canaveral government is to provide excellence in municipal services by supporting a high quality of life, fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship, while celebrating diversity and fostering innovation.

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City Employment
Visit the City Employment page for a list of vacancies.

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