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What is a Local Business Tax Receipt (BTR)?
What is needed to obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt?

An application needs to be COMPLETED IN FULL including date opened, number of employees, FEIN # or SS #, the nature of the business, etc. The Business Tax Receipt Application (General + Rental) is available in the Document Center.

Pay Business Tax Receipt Online
Payments for BTRs can now be made online.

Fictitious Name
If the business name is anything other than first and last name of the owner, a fictitious name must be registered with the State of Florida and a copy must be submitted with application.

Articles of Incorporation
If the business is incorporated, a copy of the Articles of Incorporation must be submitted with the application.

Home Occupations
If the business is based out of the applicant's home, a copy of the Home Occupations Code/Requirements must be signed and attached to the application.

State License
The State of Florida requires any business regulated by the State of Florida to provide a current copy of the State license before the Local Business Tax Receipt will be issued or renewed. This includes the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Department of Health, Department of Hotels & Restaurants, Department of Finance, Professional Engineers, Brevard County Certificate of Competency, and the Division of Real Estate.

Contractors & Sub Contractors
All contractors and sub-contractors are required to furnish a current CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE. Minimum amounts required for General Liability Insurance: General and Building Contractors - $300,000. All other categories - $100,000.

Change in Ownership
An application needs to be completed with the new information.
A copy of the bill of sale or deed needs to be attached.

Change in Location
Because a local business tax is tied to a specific address a new application needs to be completed with the new address and phone numbers.

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